This review is for the Chloe currently available in 2016. At first it was a very warm, weird, heavy cloud that I figured would dissipate as the day wore on but it morphed into a spicy pleasantness that kept making me wonder WHO I was smelling because it was SO different! I finally got to try this in a perfume store with mostly celebrity scents, I was surprised to find it. It's too...something...Maybe too much aldehyde or tuberose, I'm not sure. Review for Chloe Lagerfeld (older version). 27 sept. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Dessin pour sa meilleure amie" de Chloe Abin sur Pinterest. Smells like a beautiful Hindu priestess. Perhaps I can wear it on days I'm feeling subtle and mannerly. I was wondering if I was going to like it at all, as some of the reviews are poles apart but for me this was love at first sniff. I have been without this floral beauty far too long. This was a semi-blind buy last spring. It smells like a professional woman aged 30 and above. I find this unisex. I buy a bottle anytime I can to stock up. Poème, Op. Sets the fragrance off perfectly and brings back many memories. Romance in a bottle, soft and very subtle not loud but makes a statement. Back then the bottle was the same as now but with frosted glass and a white logo. It is very similar to the Chloe Narcisse I've had but less intense. Et le mien a pour lui qu'il n'est point historique. lf you're into tuberose and white florals you should definitely try this one. It was sweet and thick and bold. I am actually quite upset that I am not getting the beautiful fragranced loveliness that is being told over and over again. Almost like Dial Soap, the yellow-orangish soap bar. A little goes a long was, as do most vintages, esp from that era. Seulement le travail que je dois faire dans ma tête me donne des espoirs. I've smelled the new version (Chloe EDP), which of course doesn't resemble this (the Lagerfeld) one at all. A huge thank you to MoreScentsThanDollars for a great swap which allowed me to join the party - I don't know where I've been in regards to Chloe. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. The white floral aspect makes it clean feeling. A very pleasant, enjoyable scent, just not the classic powerhouse I was hoping for. Pour la perte et le soulagement Que le monde va respirer à nouveau Or le seul feu est dans la cheminée T’envoyant paisiblement à t’endormir À la fin de la journée du jour final. It did not wear HER. Let’s face it, I can’t see how it could sell anymore. Somehow, it resembles a tiny molecule of any oriental frag for me. Pungent heavy chemical awfulness. Μy best friend wore it on her 20's,around 199-something,at 9 o'clock in the morning,in the class,when all our senses were too sleepy and on dysfunction,but she smelled DIVINE! This fragrance just does not fit my image of myself anymore. Not that attractive. pareil a chemin qui me mene a ton destin pareille a cette envie qui me mene a ton lit. Charmantes, Chloé (Parfums Chloé) by Chloé is a Floral fragrance for women.Chloé (Parfums Chloé) was launched in 1975. chloe je t'aime. Sweet but pretty, though dated. It reminded me of a bathroom! I'm sure I sniffed the nozzle of this perfume at some point in the 90s and (probably, truthfully) crinkled my nose. I love to wear these type of strong florals for when I perform in evening gowns. I may be one of the few people who would prefer the new formula but I am guessing as I havent smelled it. I used to dab my wrists and behind my ears when we go out for dinner. I wore this on my wedding day and wear it every year on my anniversary. Eveille-toi, Chloé, du matin Qui te rêve, Arrache ces lambeaux que le soleil Enfièvre, A cet état de mort vigilante Adopté, Où l’âtre fatigué de ton esprit Hanté Ne palpite qu’à peine, Sous l’aile de Morphée, Au doux bonheur d’Orphée, Bercé, comme une reine… Had to scrub my arm intently for several minutes before it subsided to a tolerable level. Sadly, both are gone now. A reculons émerge aux urgences Peachy, creamy florals with the tuberose and carnation being rather prominent on me. Secret Garden (Poéme) - from the album ''White Stones'' (1997)Select the optimal resolution 720pThank you all for viewing and comments! It's smells so expensive for that price tag. its a shame they discontinued the old was a beautiful strong creamy floral scent............i just loved it..........the re-created version im sad to say just doesnt cut it........smells to chemical for me - it lacks the creaminess.........and where the heck are the aldehydes lol - not in the re-created version......and the beautiful honeysuckle & tuberose in the original just doesnt shine in the re-created version..........i think its time for this one to be put to sleep lol............but i do love the "new" chloe (in the square bottle ) & the whole "new" chloe line - which is nothing like this recreated version - so dont get them confused :). It smells great on me, my skin and body chemistry loves it. I started wearing Chloe in the early '90's and continue to include it in my fragrance repetoire. I'd like to recommend the vintage version of this as worth trying -- I have fond memories of my high school sweetheart smelling wonderful wearing it in the 80s :-). I don't know if every container is like mine, but it's the 'old' container: with no spraycap, just the gap. A bit old fashioned maybe for some, but I love that sort of fragrance, if I didn't have such a large bottle of ET Emeralds and half a bottle of Avon Rare Gold perhaps I could justify purchasing a bottle. This is lovely. It appears that the old version is back though, or as close to it as I remember it, so I purchased a bottle of the new EDT for old time’s sake. Hanté Poeme by Lancome is a Floral fragrance for women.Poeme was launched in 1995. I used to wear this as a teenager, so when I saw a bottle nostalgia got the better of me. It's a tragedy it disappeared, specially because nobody make intense jasmine and honey like this anymore. This perfume says “woman “ . Thank you Chloe for making this piece of pure art! Just neutral. My mother's signature scent...but the perfume was a bit too much for her...She wore the cream from a jar...after a shower she would just add a dab to her skin and it became part of HER...Rich, luxurious, powdery ...she smelled chic. I think not...Classic...classy...light yet rich, complex, intoxicating, delicate, addictive. First Chloe perfume I tried, as a child, my mother's bottle. 24 mars 2018 - Découvrez le tableau "Poeme anniversaire soeur" de Marcelle Dube sur Pinterest. This was bright and unique. Aux cieux ravis, There’s something about it, possibly the tuberose combined with peach, that makes it smell a little like sunshine. I don’t get much wood at all. There's nothing like the excitement of road testing a classic. I have worn this since 1980 when I was a young student in university. From what I can remember, it would be a very dated frag now, but I'm sure some people still enjoy it. As a fragrance, I think Chloe is marvelous, beautiful, and elegant. Vaste moment déchiré d’ombre, So, obviously, my mind tends to compartmentalize smells in a sort of physical and emotional timeline. My mother was never a perfume person. A couple years ago I received this as a gift from a friend. No tuberose - I wish! The amber, sandalwood and benzoin drydown is sumptuous despite it is in the vintage EDT concentrate. Lol!! I’ve got both the original Lagerfeld Chloe parfum and the current reformulated Coty Chloe edt. To my surprised, it's heavy white florals and powdery. The first time I tried Chloe, my impression was hardly favorable. Quite outdated and heavy, but a well-composed formula nonetheless. Some days its very fresh some other days its more like a twin to Calvin Klein Obsession on my skin, they share the spicy vibe's. Good bye I used the last drop of my vintage flanker. I might wear this to the club, but even then no more than one spritz. It is almost impossible to find outside of ebay and is nothing like what you find in drugstores and big box stores. I let it sit on my skin awhile and then I took a whiff again, the soapy-ness was still there but it started to fade and I could definitely smell the Aldehydes in there. You expect lethally Pungent with an outdated ripe civet and black currant leaf urine smell. So, on this rainy day in May...I have decided that Chloe will no longer hold a place in my perfume wardrobe. I couldn't remember what it smelled like, but something kept drawing me back to reconsider. Just creamy, light and feminine. There are plenty of old school 80/90's perfumes I still enjoy but my definition of feminity is more along the lines of the lovely French women with pencil skirts and silk blouses...they are timeless...I doubt French women in the 80's used Sun-In and electric blue eyeliner with pink hair mascara pulled through their bangs. :(. Completely agree with you. This could be the inspiration for Giorgio or Poison. Despite being a comforting fragrance, I find this to be very classy. I have learned to spray this baby strategically as it can overtake you if you overspray. Yes, definitely. Chloe Douglas est née en 1960 à Londres, où elle passe ses premières années d’enfance. This is signature worthy. Sweet fragrances were part of the toy make-up kits we played with when we were children. Chloe reminds me of a fresher less starchy version of White Linen edp. I don't immediately smell 'white flowers" I smell more yellow/pink flowers if that makes sense. Such a damn shame really! It's timeless, though it hints gently at times gone by, and it just works! I recently acquired the vintage 70's dusting powder and it is just divine. My mom has worn this for as long as I can remember. Tuberose is the top note, and it's very rich and heady. Chaque citation exprime les opinions de son auteur et … what a treat! In 1975 when Lagerfeldt launched the first perfume under his name, poor Chloé had more than her fair share of critics. I have the original Parfums Lagerfeld version. :). Truth be told, I don't get any tuberose in this- I get much more aldehyde, orris root, rose, lilac, honeysuckle and musk. If you're tired of the sugary vanillas of the last few years and aren't into "trendy", definitely give Chloe a shot - you may just find your new classic! I can't smell any one note in particular but overall I get a sweet, fuzzy vibe. Did remind me a bit of bug spray for some reason. Not trendy or faddish....just timeless..undated. Poème pour Chloé. Arrache ces lambeaux que le soleil I'd buy it immediately if I saw it here! Lovely and highly recommended for over 40. The woman who wears this is confident, feminine, intelligent, romantic. I feel like I have smelled some forms of it through other perfumes that I have smelled. Et se dissout I really hate it for those who don't smell it like I do. It reminds me of my mother when I was little. This is a great scent for spring, but really would be good for any time of the year. This was too strong for my sensitive nose. I found a gift set of the reformulated version at Marshalls on clearance with a bottle of the edp and the body lotion. I like both to be honest but the vintage is more crowd friendly. À l’éclat merveilleux du regard de Delphine. et brutal envers ! Chloe has an old fashioned quality and I picture a girl in flowing a white silky dress in a meadow. This smells like femininity in a bottle . Poeme od Lancome je cvjetni miris za žene.Poeme je predstavljen 1995. Back when I was in 7th grade and sitting in science class. I first tried this in winter, because my mom used to wear it, and it was a headache inducing nightmare. I found this little bottle at Ross for very cheap. Like someone above stated, this was in drug stores when I was a teenager in the '70s, and it was very popular with kids, but way too tuberose-y for me! If this is Tuberose I need to cancel my Bandit lust and get Fracas immediately. (I always say that without scent I would have no memories). It doesn’t get any better than this. I found this one at CVS. 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "Message anniversaire meilleur ami" de Chloé Schanen sur Pinterest. At first I thought it was musty/soapy and powdery and I liked it fine... but you must try on skin! Ok, so while I have a love for all perfumes, whether they be vintage, niche, cheap, supermarket, celebrity or whatever, as I have an eclectic nose, haha, Chloe by Chloe has got to the one and only scent I absoultely do not love... Just overall a terrible scent. A delicate and interesting mixture of scents that can't let you indifferent! Although advertised as very sexy it is almost more of an old classic, grandmotherly or matronly fragrance. The bottle is just as yawningly boring too lol. A composition of contrasts, in which the effusive note of the Himalayan Blue Poppy embraces the enchanting scent of the Datura flower. Not something that I love, but nor do I hate it. On a personal note, it takes me back to being a teenager, full of hope for the future & it reminds me of a friend who used to love it who is no longer here and mostly it makes me feel happy, calm and at peace - the power of perfume. What they bottle today under this name is nothing Ike it used to be. Chloé, qui semble fée en ces torpeurs 5 A Jamais A jamais, le sourire osé, Now I see the pyramid - it was tuberose mixed with RIPE peach. Chloe cut through all of it: the hairspray, the cigarette smoke, the tobacco, the face powder. She was a tall redhead with an aggressive, biting personality (think Lois Wilkerson from Malcolm in the Middle, only not that laid back...) Rather than notes or blends, for me fragrances are all about mood and connotation and memory. 30/11/2020 Poeme-France En mettant un commentaire, vous pourrez exprimer sur cet écrit : votre ressenti, un encouragement, un conseil ou simplement dire que vous l'avez lu. I sense a tiny, little spice (is that pepper?) My high school boyfriend's mother wore this, and it really suited her. I wore Miss Dior original, Rochas Femme, Magie Noir, Opium, Cinnabar and Jolie Madame in my 20's so Chloe seemed a bit lacking in sophistication for me. 09/12/2020, 17:12 Prix littéraires To my nose there is everything in balance, nothing too much, even coconut, which can be sometimes too strong and dominant. No repurchase just a fond farewell. Sometimes it reminds me of the type of pre- Raphaelite ladies in the paintings with long ringlets and gauzy dresses in flowerey meadows. Dry yourself off, jump into your cotton pajamas, spray on some Chole and slip into bed and let your dreams carry you away. Delightful! Et qu’importe la sueur pour comprendre que j’existe A agree that the tuberose note is one of the most extreme I've ever smelled and combined with aldehydes makes the perfume smells like a luxurious soap in the beginning. I guess it's a pretty well-rounded fragrance and its age is a testament to its uniqueness. Oh! Sourd None to be found here, just squeeky, squeeky, cleanliness is next to godliness, bar soap. My husband and children loved it on me. This fragrance was absolutely gorgeous for that moment. But I love it for what it is - a heavy explosion of sweetened tuberose that now comes to me full of znostalgia from a time when I didn't care about the art of perfumery. Chloé is pure fun sunshine, from beach wear and flip-flops to glamorous midsummer weddings. XXIII Considérez aussi que je n ai rien volé A la Bibliothèque ; — et bien que cette histoire Se passe en Orient, je n'en ai point parlé. I don't get the sharpness of the EDT in the pure parfum. One bottle will last about that long! Some might relate to this: the relationship I have with Chloe (this one- not the new stuff) is similar to a relationship one might have with a troublesome lover. Love- hate this one. Later on it was found in drug stores, and still is . I thought the same, but felt bad applying age-ism labels to a perfume. If my brain didn't insist on this fragrance belonging to a certain place/time/and person, I'd probably want to own it, like a stunning painting. Okay, i got an old version in a mini bottle. The current version seems quite faithfull to what I remember of this scent. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Dessin pour sa meilleure amie, Fond d'écran téléphone, Fond d'écran coloré. I finally got a tiny miniature and it was love at first sniff. I'm going to wear it more often now, the edt versions work really well in warmer weather.I'll check out the newer version as well but I'd recommend trying the Karl Lagerfeld original, it is truly beautiful, even for a non floral lover like me. I think my nose has changed a bit, because it was actually really pleasant to my nose. lol My Poison and Paloma Picasso are like that. This fragrance pictures me in the busy morning streets of Paris during the modernization age, where the streets are bustling with noisy old cars, women wearing coats and hats walking to the florist and cafè. Why, oh why, do perfumers do this? This has the potential to become love. So I couldn't resist. Chloé est une grande intellectuelle dotée d'une intelligence rare qui a soif d'apprendre et de découvrir. It is a staple of the violinist's repertoire, has very often been recorded and performed, and is generally considered Chausson's best-known and most-loved composition. I'm just a little surprised how this scent is pretty enjoyable, if I was to wear this I would put it on very lightly because it could be easily overwhelming. I bought the reformulation for the sake of having the bottle, but the scent itself is hideous. Relève It's a mature white flowers round smell, its sweet but not sticky vanilla-cotton candy kinda sweet. The aldehydes were ALL I could make out other than a hint of what smelled like dead carnations. A classic example of how a fragrance can be changed by body chemistry. The darker scents of sandalwood, woods, musk and incense are also here, giving this body a full body and a complexity. Notes :-Lana Bashing (je hais ce perso).-Dans cette histoire, Clark est mineur. I really, really, really like this! This is very good for colder days, it brings warmth and soft comfort for those days. For me smoky but also floral. I've smelled it on others and it smelled beautiful. This one is soapy and knocked me out in a good way. About 30 minutes later a beautiful aroma reached my nose and sticked with me throughout the evening (even after doing the dishes). It's not dripping and oozing sweet's just a light breezy version of today's incarnation. I was browsing through some open boxes of perfumes in a discount store and tested this one without knowing the notes - to me it smelled heavily of aldehydes, carnation and some other suffocating floral I could not guess right away.