It looks like because of the way this is written / appearance on Google that a lot of newer cyclists are taking “yesterdays Ultegra is today’s 105” literally. The chain became an Ultegra and then the chain and cassette did. Ce type de groupe réduit permet de con… Ultegra components are also stiffer, meaning that the bike doesn’t “flex” under the load of hard pedaling, wasting energy. My soft tail Ti mtb is going on 17 years, and the flexing chainstays move hundreds of thousands of times with no apparent change. The bike I am looking at is a Pinarello Razha K from 2013 (still new as per the store manager) with 105 5700/Most. If it is, I like the look of the Trek more but keep wanting the Cannondale because it has more expensive components and wheelset! Just a quick note about brakes: I read recently that while Ultegra were the highest rated rim brakes, 105 use the same mechanical action and should perform the same (I can’t compare as my winter bike has discs). The chain ring bulges slightly acting as a ramp for Ultegra’s asymmetrical chain to climb up onto the big ring. Also, according to Shimano’s website Ultegra’s wider crankset design permits frame manufacturers to build wider bottom brackets—the part between the pedals inside the frame—and thu… That’s the thing – the price is almost the same but the 2015 has Ultegra and the 2017 has 105. 11s is the newest and will have spare and replacement parts available longer, and that, I believe is the biggest advantage. Présenté en avril 2018, le groupe Shimano 105 R7000 est le frère cadet du groupe étendard Dura-Ace 9100 / R9150 Di2 (dévoilé au printemps 2016) et du groupe “best-seller” du manufacturier japonais, l’Ultegra R8000 / R8050 Di2 (dévoilé au printemps 2017). The difference between BIKE model years is in the frame colors, sometimes the changes in a couple parts, and every so often a major frame redesign (in the specific example the Trek Silque 2017 model has Trek’s “IsoSpeed” decoupler applied to the headtube). A part 400 euros, il y a t'il une grosse différence entre shimano 105 R7000 et ultegra R8000 les 2 groupes pour un amateur comme moi. The earlier SPD-SL (three-bolt style) pedals had flat plastic plates that can be replaced for like .99, but of course Ultegra were slightly different shape from the Dura-ace, so you needed to clip a corner off first-trivial. What is your skill level and how much riding will you do? Well, I have both – the current iteration of 105 on my Cannondale winter bike and Ultegra on my summer carbon Vitus jobby. Your logic is impeccable and it is exactly what manufacturers want you to think; whether it be a bike, a car or a computer. They take very little effort to stop, yet they don’t catch bad enough to throw you over the bars. Shimano 105 ou ultegra - forum cyclisme velo101. Other features (frame, wheelset) can move the price point of the whole range, independent of groupset. I have tried this myself and can vouch for it. Then another 10 years pass by and it’s time again, the right shifter wasn’t shifting that smooth anymore. I appreciate your comments . With chains and cassettes, the differences are slight but still affect performance. Par ailleurs, le groupe Shimano 105 a connu une grande mise à jour en 2018. Also the cables stretch. I also have a cross bike with 105 5800, so I can give an honest comparison. The front caliper is nearly hosed, so looking to upgrade, and for $90 shipped I can have Ultegra 8600 calipers. Shimano 105 and Ultegra are 2 of the most often picked groupsets by road cyclists. I think that by comparing complete groupsets you are doing everyone a disfavor. I’m a little late getting in on this, but I just got a bike with Ultegra 6800, and wanted to chime in. If you click on an Affiliate Link and then buy something, I get a small commission. And it lets one run a larger range cassette. Avant d’aller plus loin, un petit rappel mécanique pour les lecteurs novices : un groupe est l’ensemble de pièces qui composent la transmission d’un vélo. Since you're here, Monty would also like you to check out. Shimano 105 R7000 groupset — everything you need to know. Which I suppose makes sense since one is two years old (but is new). If your chain is at or very close to 0.75% stretched change it. Shes also comparing two different model bicycles (an endurance carbon bike from Cannondale with a women’s specific endurance carbon bike from Trek). Regardless of where you are from (Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Australia, Macau...) a Fit Werx' bike fit is guaranteed to be worth the trip. The answer is Ultegra. In the big picture, the Ultegra group is 220 grams lighter (which is a little more than ½ a pound) and costs $300 more than the 105 group. Both bikes are new and and both had 22 gears. Regarding 10s vs 11s you likely won’t notice a difference. The question though is which groupset should you pick, should you pick Shimano 105 or Ultegra? My bike is a Trek Domane 4.3 (the 2013 version), which at the time cost £1,800. Begin! When you are due for chain and cassette replacement switch to ultegra. New ULTEGRA R8000 series is "pro-proven" as it is a direct trickle down from DURA-ACE groupset. I can say, though, that the Ultegra brakes are amazing. Indeed, the recent upgrade of 105 from 5800 to R7000 makes it even more comparable to Ultegra, performance wise. It’s most helpful in working out which generation of a given groupset you have/you’re buying. What are the tricks and tips for inflating a disc wheel? I ride a 10s but many of the people I ride with have 11s. So true about what you wrote, seems the Ultegra make a difference for racing and for “looks” to be in the elite crowd. That being said I think my 10s can last my lifetime (I’m 65 now) plus many years. I rode a tri bike with mech ultegra for 2010-2014 then upgraded to di2 on the new tri bike in 2015. Today I found a 2017 Trek Silque 5 (I am female) for $2000 but love the color and the frame seems more comfortable. The 105 updates are great. I’m certainly not elite and with the roads in our area, I ride a Diverge that is 2Kg+ heavier than most road bikes . The upgrade from 105 to Ultegra is incremental from component to component and much can be done as parts wear because parts are interchangeable. The 5700 105, 6700 ultegra shifter design was horribly uncomfortable and the reason I changed. The question is whether the difference is worth the money. If your this has been happening since new possibly the chain is too long or the B screw needs adjustment. For Tri bikes with aerobar extensions, both groups will use 10-speed Dura Ace bar end shifters and an aftermarket TT brake lever. They’re available from ‘the internet’ in some cases for less than half the recommended price. Also, as before, I’ve just converted the GBP prices to USD. With these facts, you can better make the decision as to if the ~$300 more for the Ultegra group is worth it. Les nouvelles Ultegra reprennent la conception des Dura-Ace, avec un axe en acier et un corps en composite, agrémentés d’une surface d’appui plus large que la version précédente ou que les pédales Shimano d’entrée et de milieu de gamme, afin d’optimiser la stabilité et l’efficacité de pédalage. And yes, Dura-Ace Di2 is R9150 (it doesn’t take an Enigma machine to work out the pattern – although the fact that the prior generation used ’70’ to denote Di2 means perhaps you do need some codebreaking nouse). Fiable, réactif et économique. 11s is the new norm and you will be able to easily get parts further into the future than 10s. Given I’m more Nosferatu than Nostradamus, this probably means that 105 Di2 is going to be announced tomorrow. Precise shifting and much better ergonomics. And the price. Maybe 11 speed is it. The heavier groupset will make you stronger because it’s heavier, then later when you upgrade to the lighter more expensive groupset you’ll be stronger and faster. I assume both bikes are the same size and you are sure the size is correct for you; this is even more important than group. You gaze adoringly at your clean-shiftin’ 105 drivetrain for a couple of years… and then start to wonder, “Would I be faster-stronger-sexier if I had Ultegra on my bike?”. Both Ultegra 6800 and Shimano 105 R5800 could give 11 speeds and you may get up to five different options in the cassette range. For the time being, only Ultegra and it’s pro-sibling Dura-Ace have electronic rather than mechanical gear shifts. You want to take care when buying individual components (e.g. Assuming all you have are wear and maintenance issues I would upgrade the chain and cassette to Ultegra and keep the derailleur. This was all very helpful, and gives me some more information to consider before making my choice! As we spend more time on the bike and rack up the miles, it makes sense to upgrade assuming your bike fit is dialed in. If I am thinking about upgrading from 105 to ultegra groupset and doing it on a budget i.e. A 12-28 would have been far more practical and although I don’t think I “need” the 28, I do live in a very hilly area and would have embraced the spin if I had that smaller gear. As things wear, replace them with a higher grade chain and cassette. Anyway, to aid comprehension, here’s a little table I knocked up to show the range numbers of the current and prior generations of top end Shimano groupsets: The dates show the ‘model year’ for when each new generation was launched. That I am still asking these questions at age 66, and still riding at least 2K miles a year while working full time tells you how great a sport biking is!! If it is on the long side for your set up talk to them about removing a link. Now will I ever like Carbon as much as Titanium? The sprocket widths are the same as on a 10-speed system but they are a little closer. The electro-versions of Ultegra and Dura-Ace have Di2 added at the end of their names to make it clear that no cables are required (though unlike SRAM’s wireless eTAP electronic system, Shimano does still require the use of wires). Subscribe below and I will send you enjoyable and helpful cyclo-info straight to your inbox. Most full groupsets are bought in conjunction with a new bike. Shimano’s new 105 (5700) and new Ultegra (6700) are both great groups for road and triathlon use. I can tell the components aren’t as “shiny” but almost felt more at home with the 105. And then the next generation of Dura-Ace and Ultegra came out (i.e. It’s considered a “new road” bike, both the 105 and Ultegra versions have hydraulic disc brakes (yay) the one in 105 comes in a puke green, while the Ultegra comes in a muted grey. Also I recently came across a used set of Zipp 404s which I bought. After 105, there is Ultegra and Dura-Ace, both of which have mechanical and electronic shifting (known as Di2) versions. me back, ive got sneaking suspicion the the only difference in the tiagra 4700 mechanism is 10 teeth on the ratchet instead of 11. as far as my eyes can reach looking in a shop display I cant see any difference in the exposed parts of the mechanism. ultegra-change a couple of materials to save a haircut in weight, tiagra-put 10 teeth on the ratchet wheel instead of 11. i’m considering a Cannondale Slate. Architecture 4 branches pour le pédalier Shimano 105 5800. Let’s all make a commitment to lose a pound or two around our bellies. This was all quite straightforward (okay somewhat straightforward), until Shimano started adding an ‘R’ at the beginning of some of them, and I got a bit befuddled. I ride about 80-150 miles a week June – October and hope to do some century rides. Ultegra Di2 et Ultegra normal (le petit frère des Dura-ace, en un peu plus lourd et moins cher.L’équivalent des Force chez SRAM. If you click and buy something, I get a commission, at no extra cost to you. By way of example, the Cannondale Synapse (non-carbon) 105 costs £1,300. Way more noticeable than when I upgraded the front derailleur from 105 to Ultegra (I’ve now gone back to 105-only on the Domane). Whether that’s important, one must judge for oneself. 105 weighs 200g more, all else being equal), which in the grand scheme of anything other than pro cycling is kind of irrelevant. I think what I’m about to write is something of a cyclo-cliché, but that has never stopped me before, so… 105 is the first of Shimano’s “serious” or “proper” groupsets. Given that, thinking that I would need to replace the cassette, I thought I might upgrade to the Ultegra, along with the derailleur and chain. I agree with Jack, start with selecting a frame on a good bike. the current ones), again with Di2 options. Pedals are lighter, wider, and Shimano bearings have never failed me. This adjustment allows for more spring tension on the rear brake and a smoother brake. I remember when test riding bikes that the Ultegra shifters “felt” better than the 105. It’s worth noting that some bike makers do an aluminium-framed version of their end above bikes, fitted with Shimano 105. This is some serious riding you put on! If the upgraded bike has upgraded wheels that is a big value. We’ll break down a number of detailed differences next. Want to know whether you should upgrade from 105 to Ultegra but can’t be bothered with all these pesky words? All from a MAMIL perspective. Yo! You pay the same price that you would have done anyway. Do you think it would be worth it? This outweighs my ‘better equipment better cyclist’ delusions. That time occurs before you buy your bike, roughly a week after you’ve bought your bike, then on a weekly basis until you cycle off this mortal coil. In the case of LJ’s specific example, it’s pretty easy to decide: just ride both and then choose the one she likes more, since she is comparing two complete bikes with different designs. If both bikes are new I would take the information to your LBS and see if they would reduce their price 2-300 or if that embarrasses you just get the online one. My two cents worth. But the extra ‘spacing; between cogs would have been nice. Maybe, for once, the trickledown effect of high spec features gradually moving down the price spectrum won’t apply in the case of 105 electrification. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As things wear you can upgrade to Ultegra if you want, or you can experiment with changes. Permalink ... les prix à l'unité ou par groupe devant être peu différents ! In reading all these comments one sticks out to me — yesterdays ultegra (i.e. Over time the blog has expanded to include training advice, gear reviews and road cycling tales, all from the perspective of a not-very-fit MAMIL. Whether a bike has disc or rim brakes affects price quite considerably. If the online bike seller accepts returns if their description is incorrect and pays return shipping then that is a value in their favor. Seems the cost for the Ultegra set is within 20% of getting 105s. Back in the day, there was a big difference in smoothness of shifting, also weight between the groupsets. I do think the Ultegra runs slightly quieter and shifts slightly more smoothly, but both seem equally durable (2500 miles on each). For both, you will need to add a freehub to ensure that … Similarly, electronic shifting (Di2) first appears in 2009 (7970), then two years later in Ultegra (6770, but with 10 speed only), and still has yet to appear in the 105 (presumably with the 5870 or 5970). And I am comparing 105 5700 with Ultegra the Ultegra 6800. L'ultégra n'a vraiment pas grand chose de plus qu'un 105 si ce n'est "l'effet" gamme supérieure . If you want to go faster get a bigger engine (legs). Ultegra offers crisper shifting and better power transfer. bonjour à tous, une question certainement déja abordée, mais je n'ai pas trouvé de post à ce sujet. And you end up getting a bike with 105. Buy the bike that is most comfortable for you. For function or longevity is it worth the price, can’t be as they’re the same. The shifting is so precise you don’t need Di2 and that was a bonus. Tiagra and below, despite being perfectly adequate for your first few sportives (probably all your sportives) and for your daily commute, should be eschewed in favour of 105 or Ultegra as soon as your functional threshold power hits 150W. Not all these mods are available with 11s yet. Suite à la première partie de notre dossier sur les groupes route et triathlon, voici les détails des poids et prix publics conseillés pour les pièces ou groupes complets de ce millésime 2019/2020. 105 (la référence. Again, better quality springs and in this case, pivots allow for more braking power. I didn’t love it, but did like the price and the components. If Dura-Ace is the top of Shimano’s range of groupsets for road bikes (don’t worry, it is), Ultegra occupies second place in the list; 105 is third. If you want to become a Shimano knowledge-sensai, you need to be aware that there is a number that corresponds to each named groupset (okay, need is a strong word). But on a limited budget I would prioritize: – Frame (really the most important decision) – Wheels – Saddle – Groupset (and I could easily live with 105 5800). Make sure the upgraded bike has the full Ultegra group – crankset, bottom bracket, chain, brakes, shifters, cassette. your daughters names are Sora and claris.. Nice.. and you are a good writer. we’re probably due an update of the Dura Ace range next). Chain only showed very little change, but the new chain and cassette had a very noticeable improvement. I’ve shown this photo before, but include it again for reasons of laziness. If it is over 1% change the chain and cassette. Most of the change allows closer gearing in the middle of the cassette. Hear about each post as soon as I publish. In short, an Ultegra chain will shift better than a 105 chain. If you have to go 105 for the cost, you won’t be disappointed, but it is definitely worth it to think about upgrading the rear derailleur and possibly the levers. Right now other than 200g and some reviewer claims that the rim brakes are better, the only real difference is the available of electronic shifting with the Ultegra 6870 which can be ignored in the case of this commenter. I have a solution for you: I madez a YouTube on the subject. Seriously, how practical is that? See, I told you it wasn’t clear but. Considerations on weight but most importantly feel are largely based upon the internal mechanism. Again a value to the LBS. Since I know you were all particularly taken by the concept of each groupset have a name and a number, Ultegra Di2 is also known by its East German spy code of R8050. The only thing I can’t speak to is the 105 brakeset, since I have Avid disc brakes on the cross bike. Spend the money you save by upgrading the wheelset. That said, my bike is setup for 126mm dropouts and is a 7 gear rear with downtube shifters. That’s another question, and something I’m, going to find out (and REI gives you a few months to try it out, then you can still return it, thus my snapping up the bargain price without having a bike there to try out on the spot-REI is a seriously great company!!). Well, perhaps a little bit wiser. Clearly if you want electronic shifting, then Ultegra is, for now, your only option. Once you find the problem change the chain and cassette then adjust alignment and the B screw. I imagine there is some sophisticated reason why these numbers are there (like, I don’t know, maybe to identify all the individual components within a given set). I’ve got full Ultegra 6800 11 speed, mostly because I bought a year-end clearance Giant for $200 less than my LBS was selling a Domane with 105 10 speed.