Immediately following this announcement, CNN filed a lawsuit and obtained a temporary restraining order against the ban. On September 1, the first 100 medically ill patients were taken on Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to Baton Rouge. [84] The order was given not only as an attempt to restore law and order but also out of concern about the hazardous living conditions in the city. The background checks found that 45% of the refugees had a criminal record of some nature, and that 22% had a violent criminal record. Orkanen Katrina er orkanen, der fra den 23. [127], FEMA provided housing assistance (rental assistance, trailers, etc.) Cruise ships altered their paths due to seaports in southeastern Florida closing. Explosions Fill New Orleans Sky With Smoke. Farther south in the Florida Keys, a tornado was spawned in Marathon on August 26. The tornado damaged a hangar at the airport there and caused an estimated $5 million in damage. [61] However, both the White House and the Pentagon argued that the depletion of personnel and equipment did not impact the ability of the Guard to perform its mission—rather, impassable roads and flooded areas were the major factors impeding the Guardsmen from securing the situation in New Orleans. List of Missing Residents Down to 47, and More... "Current Housing Unit Damage Estimates, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma",, Evacuations to hotels come with own set of hazards, "Hurricane Katrina from the Airport's Point of View", "Hospital Settles Katrina Deaths Class Action", "Patients finally rescued from Charity Hospital", Reports of anarchy at Superdome overstated, The Fate of Prisoners during Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans prisoners left to drown after Katrina struck, Abandoned & Abused: Report on the effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans Prisons (PDF), "Information Relating to the Federal Appropriations for Katrina Recovery", "Mississippi Hurricane Katrina Surge Inundation and Advisory Base Flood Elevation Map Panel Overview", Katrina Spawns Tornadoes in Georgia – August 29, 2005, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Hopkinsville Swamped By Floodwaters; 10-Year-Old Drowns, Gov. Announcers continued to broadcast from improvised studio facilities after the storm damaged their main studios. The advanced state of decomposition of many corpses, some of which were left in the water or sun for days before being collected, hindered efforts by coroners to identify many of the dead. [160], During and after the Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita, the American Red Cross had opened 1,470 shelters and registered 3.8 million overnight stays. Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes to ever strike the United States and the second Category 5 hurricane of the record-breaking 2005 Atlantic hurricane season.The storm formed over the Bahamas on August 23, where it moved west and hit south Florida as a Category 1 hurricane two days later. [105] It is deduced that African-Americans exhibit PTSD at higher frequencies than whites because they "were more likely to experience frequent mental distress. [21], Voluntary and mandatory evacuations were issued for large areas of southeast Louisiana as well as coastal Mississippi and Alabama. Several structures and one parked vehicle were also affected by the waters. [184], From a September 2015 journal of Current Psychology, a study examined the attitudes of older, long-term residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana toward displaced newcomers to their community. [159], Many private corporations also contributed to relief efforts. [58], According to the U.S. Dept. At the time, as many as 100 were reported to have died in the Superdome, with most deaths resulting from heat exhaustion, but other reported incidents included an accused rapist who was beaten to death by a crowd and an apparent suicide. [8] Hurricane Georges in September 1998 galvanized some scientists, engineers and politicians into collective planning, with Scientific American declaring that "New Orleans is a disaster waiting to happen" in October 2001. At the Convention Center, four bodies were recovered. [10] Katrina's powerful right-front quadrant passed over the west and central Mississippi coast, causing a powerful 27-foot (8.2 m) storm surge, which penetrated 6 miles (10 km) inland in many areas and up to 12 miles (19 km) inland along bays and rivers; in some areas, the surge crossed Interstate 10 for several miles. Perhaps the most important criticism of Nagin was that he delayed his emergency evacuation order until 19 hours before landfall, which led to hundreds of deaths of people who could not find any way out of the city. Some experts said that it could take six months or longer to pump all the water out of the city.[15]. Vigdor, Jacob, "The Economic Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina," 'The Journal of Economic Perspectives' 22 (2008): 148. [55][56][57][58] In addition, the Louisiana State Guard and state defense forces from several states were activated to aid the National Guard in sheltering the large number of refugees leaving Louisiana and assist in other disaster recovery operations.[59]. [183], In a study published in Maternal and Child Health Journal, five-to seven years after the disaster, 308 New Orleans pregnant women were interviewed about their exposure to Katrina. On August 29, 2005, Katrina passed over New Orleans with such force that it ripped two holes in the Superdome roof. The name will never again be used for another North Atlantic hurricane. The major levee breaches in the city included breaches at the 17th Street Canal levee, the London Avenue Canal, and the wide, navigable Industrial Canal, which left approximately 80% of the city flooded.[61]. Conditions in the auditorium began to deteriorate, so everyone was evacuated to the roof. [122] Approximately 58,000 National Guard personnel were activated to deal with the storm's aftermath, with troops coming from all 50 states. Les conséquences de l'ouragan Katrina sur La Nouvelle-Orléans concernent des biens, des services, des personnes et la société en août et septembre 2005.Elles furent humainement, socialement et économiquement désastreuses. "[106] Additionally, the "largely Black population of New Orleans bore a disproportionately heavy burden of pre disaster chronic disease complicated by inadequate health care access. The remnants of Katrina spawned a tornado in Virginia, damaging at least 13 homes in Marshall. [103], The influence of blacks in the city receded politically, too: in 2010 New Orleans elected its first white mayor in 32 years, a white majority (5-2) took control of the City Council, which had previously been black, and a white police chief and district attorney were elected. 1Le 29 août 2005, l’ouragan Katrina de catégorie 3 s’abattait sur les côtes américaines du nord du golfe du Mexique. [8], The destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina raised other, more general public policy issues about emergency management, environmental policy, poverty, and unemployment. Hurricane Katrina, tropical cyclone that struck the southeastern United States in August 2005, breaching levees and causing widespread damage and deaths. She didn’t return to the city for a year. L’ouragan Katrina, de la saison cyclonique 2005 dans l'océan Atlantique nord, est l'un des ouragans les plus puissants de l'histoire des États-Unis et l'un des six ouragans les plus forts jamais enregistrés. [101] The Mississippi Delta provides the United States with one of the largest fisheries and the most important flyway terminus, enabling New Orleans to profit from these ecological industries. These organizations raised US$4.25 billion in donations from the public, with the Red Cross receiving over half of these donations. [112], Overall, a number of arrests were made throughout the affected area, including some near the New Orleans Convention Center. It is estimated that the total economic impact in Louisiana and Mississippi may eventually exceed $150 billion. Furthermore, according to storm surge researcher Hassan Mashriqui: Storm surge pushing across shallow Lake Borgne from the east is constrained by these MRGO levees to the south and, to the north, by the long-standing levees of the Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW). The only major intact highway routes out of the city were the westbound Crescent City Connection and the Huey P. Long Bridge, as large portions of the I-10 Twin Span Bridge traveling eastbound towards Slidell, Louisiana had collapsed. [156] Some smaller organizations and individuals ignored the access restrictions and provided early relief. Congress ordered the MRGO closed as a direct result. "Camp Greyhound — New Orleans bus station serving as make-shift [, "Astrodome to become new home for storm refugees", NFL, at Saints' urging, kicks in $20 million for dome repairs, It Was as if All of Us Were Already Pronounced Dead, "It reminds me of Baghdad in the worst of times", 40 Rapes Reported in Hurricane Katrina, Rita Aftermath, More Stories Emerge of Rapes in Post-Katrina Chaos, "The Military moves in to aid Survivors, Restore Order", "Trapped hospital workers kept most patients alive", " - Patients finally rescued from Charity Hospital - Sep 3, 2005", "Troops arrive; Superdome evacuation halted", Airborne Division Becomes Waterborne in New Orleans, House-to-house rescues under way in New Orleans, "Summaries of 400 Testimonials From Inmates Incarcerated at Orleans Parish Prison During Hurricane Katrina", "Book Review: Disease and Democracy: The Industrialised World Faces AIDS", "Gauging the health crisis in Katrina's wake", "Katrina's Aftermath: Petroleum, Bacteria Are Primary Pollutants", "Moving Hospitalized Children All Over the Southeast: Interstate Transfer of Pediatric Patients During Hurricane Katrina", "Children's Hospital Faces Hurricane Katrina: Five Years After the Storm - RACmonitor", "Escape from New Orleans: A pediatrician's diary - Stanford Medicine Magazine - Stanford University School of Medicine", "Katrina Washed Away New Orleans's Black Middle Class", "Why New Orleans's Black Residents Are Still Underwater After Katrina", "Racial Differences in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Vulnerability Following Hurricane Katrina Among a Sample of Adult Ever Smokers from New Orleans", "Trauma and Stress Response Among Hurricane Katrina Evacuees", Levees.Org (non-profit flood protection group in New Orleans), Photos taken of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, Independent Levee Investigation Team Draft Report, Orleans Parish Prison Before and After Katrina, Sexual Assault During and After Hurricane Katrina 2005, Chicago Tribune article on Katrina's destructive impact on jazz memorabilia, "Hurricane Katrina: The Catastrophe that Uncovered America's Race and Class Issues" from Tulane University Graduate, Four Years After Katrina, New Orleans Still Struggling to Recover from the Storm, Imagining New Orleans Oral History Project Collection,, Articles with dead external links from June 2016, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Articles needing additional references from November 2020, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 January 2021, at 17:56.